Is it worth spending time and energy?

Thinking process is stepwise and takes a variety of time depending on the topic and the capacity of the ehinking person. I am not good at the psychology of this field. But it seems reasonable thinking speed is roughly comparable to that of typewriting.

I heard most proficient typists type at the rate of 6000 characters per an hour. This is 100 characters per a minute, that is, again in rough estimation, 20WPM or so. Maybe, thinking rate is around this or a little bit more. If I guess it right, most CW sending fits thinking rate. This might explain why I feel that CW sending is a highly intelligent process. Of course, there could be diverse cases in CW sending. If we send something we think deeply, it could be an intelligent process.

This seems to me to be another reason why CW communication survives in the world where people pursue something more speedy and more efficient.

So how do you think about this? Do you believe CW is worth spending time and energy in your whole life? If you answer yes, why?

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