Chestnut rice and flu

Our dinner today. Chestnut rice made of rice and chestnut fruits. The latter is the frozen ones harvested last fall. I was worrying it could be hardened after being frozen and thawed. That worry was not needless. It tasted as good as freshly harvested ones.

Our meal was perfect with this main dish ane stew of pork and vegetables. 

It is getting quite cold tonight. I was wondering if I had caught flu. They say flu is outbreaking right now. Warmed myself, I am now feeling better. Flu is not likely. The strain now in prevalence is AH1pmd09 which used to be pandemic in 2009. It has kept me quite busy at the office. Ten years have passed since then. We, clinical doctors, have been kept busy with vaccination program for people. That program was controlled by the MHLW, the central administration ministry, which was really BUREAUCRATIC and made a great mess at the outpatient level. Anyway, I am free from such a mess to my happiness! 

A new antiviral med is available this season. It is unique with its mechanism of action. Unlike the other antiviral agent like Oseltamivir, this new one blocks replication of the virus within the infected cell. Seemingly pretty potent one. But it could give rise to the resistent strain with a mutation of one amino acid residue. If we are healthy immunopotent adult, we should avoid using that med to preserve it for high risk patients.

Anyway, taking good sleep is very important to prevent flu infection. Not having a glass of whiskey on the rock as usual, I would go to bed earlier tonight.  


  1. Shin, you could have had a glass of whisky AND have gone to bed early ����
    161 pal

    1. Haha, no whiskey tonight. I felt chillness. But it's gone now after getting warmed in couch. Anyway, see you soon, John. I was laughing a lot reading your comment!