A long lived cabbage

A few cabbages were planted in the farm last fall. They were grown in this way.

When it got cold, three of four were shaped successfully spherical. I knew becoming spherical was to live in the cold atmosphere. One of them was harvested last November as below. It was cooked as rolled cabbage etc. 

The very last one was left in the yard farm alone. The surface was almost decayed with freezing etc. A miserable cabbage there. A few days ago, I had an idea to cook cabbage with beef seasoned with oyster sauce and mustard. As soon as I found the recipe of that dish, I remembered of that poor almost given up cabbage. 

I have forgotten taking a photo of the original outlook of this vegetable. The surface leaves were half decayed and dirty. But, being cut, it turned out to have thickly packed content. Fresh and almost juicy.

Before cooking the dish mentioned above, I tried it for a dish of warmed vegetables. Surprisingly sweet. Fresh vegetables could be sweet. Among those fresh ones, this was literraly like a fruit. I bet it has produced much sugar in order to survive in the freezing temperature. I thanked it a lot, of course. It was also used for the cabbage and beaf dish.

In a couple of months, it will be the season to start planting or seeding vegetables. That work will keep me busy and vivid. I am looking forward to having that season.  

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