Beef noodle with home made japanese leek

This blog is not a food blog, never, never...

But this is a dish of beef noodle for the lunch today. Noodle is a special product in Kagawa area, where my wife came from. She loves noodle dish. She says noodle has been served at any occasion. Even for snack in the afternoon.

Whenever we got back to Takamatsu in Kagawa Prefecture to see her parents, we used to enjoy the noodle at restaurants. Even at a simple reaturant in the station. Smooth touched and tasty noodle. 

This japanese leek in the dish is home made one. While the outer portion of the leek was again almost decayed like the cabbage harvested yesterday. the leek itself in the round was fresh and well nourished. 

Our ancestors have enjoyed noodle as preserved food but also for its unique subtly crunchy taste in the smooth soft outlook. It is a food culture of tradition.  

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