Happy New Year

A new year has already started for 3 days. It is fairly warm here for this season in a year. It has been fine. Nothing to be complained. We have had my brother, his wife and our daughter on the New Year's Day at our home.

What a feast it has been for us! If there could be a reunion in the heaven, it might be like this. We have talked a lot. About our parents, good old days, politics, music and medical service. Yes, my brother has been a psychiatrist. A lot of laugh and hot debate. I was surprised to know my brother had been fond of Dostoevsky and boasted that he had read through Karamazov for 3 times. When I told him, graduating from the college with the specialty in mechanical engineering, I first thought to major in Russian language or literature at another university, which did not come true. I have even tried to learn Russian by myself those days. Whether fortunate or not, it did not come true. Both of us have decided to go for med school. After he has lived in Sendai city for 4 decades, he won't feel it had become his home country, as he said. Soon, he will retire from his work. I wonder where he would spend his retirement. Sister in law, a capable as well as reliable person, has recently started practicing piano. We have talked on music a lot. As I told her Mahler's 9th symphony was the most impressive music for me last year, she took a memo on it and would listen to it later. I am wondering if it is suitable for an earnest Christian or not. Anyway, it is good to know she has been interested in classic music so much.

I really felt as if our parents had been with us there. When they were alive, they sure sat on the table with us and joined our conversation. I am not only missing them so much but also thinking of the time we leave the earth.

We have served them paella and chinese dimpling with fresh salad. Before having them, we toasted with very good champagne. It has lasted until midnight here.

Our sister, who lives in Tokyo and did not gather here this time, has turned 70 years of age last year. We might not be able to have such a meeting too often. I should set up such a feast from time to time. 

After taking glasses of champagne,

I just wanted to tell you how we had spent our New Year's Day here.

Wishing all of you good health and happiness through this new year.


  1. Happy New Year to you and your family Shin!

    1. Hi Bill,

      The same wishes to you and yours all.


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  3. Hi Shin...Belated New Year greetings to you. Just found you under poor band conditions on 40 meters. My wife and I like to celebrate the New Year at our home on the island of Martha's Vineyard. We usually have a modest dinner together and toast with sparkling wine of some kind.(this year, it was Prosecco). We have a tradition of going to a small fishing village (named Menemsha) and having fresh oysters from the local waters. Especially at this time of year, they are superb.
    All the best...Don..K2KQ

    1. Don,

      Nice to hear you on 40m through LP this morning. Your signal was surely echoing. There must be multiple paths active at that time. It is already the end of the LP season. I was smiling to hear you explain on your antenna. Your "bidirectional" dipole was doing fine. I wish my shortened 3 el had a bit better f/b ratio. Anyway, it was good we made it.

      It is good you have had such merry and pleasant holiday season there. I have not experienced this kind of family gathering for years. I thought we should have such meeting oftener.

      See you again soon. Take care.