Chinese cabbage and pork

Chinese cabbage and pork seasoned with oyster sauce.

It is the big chinese cabbage that the electrician friend has given to me. I should use the rest of that big chinese cabbage soon. I would try to cook salmon and cheese wrapped with chinese cabbage in cream sauce. It is a challenge this evening.

I am tidying the things my parents have left. There are piles of the reports by the helper and folks who have helped my mother living alone in the other house in our same property. In simple 2 or 3 lines of sentences, they have vividly expressed how my mother was doing before and after attending to the daytime care facility. For example, she told a helper person that sweet potato should be planted when the magnolia is fully out. In a morning, she was looking the garden in a sad countenance. However, as soon as she was called to get on the bus for the facility, she looked vivid again and rushed to the bus. When my sister or sister in law came to care for her, she looked really happy and vivid.

Fortunately, despite of having progressively lost recent memory, she has kept her personality and even positive and vivid mind for life until the end of her life. What a blessing it was for her and for us surrounding her! And, whenever reading the reports left on the table, I become full of gratitude to all the people who have cared for her with such love and caring mind. 

It has passed over 10 years since she lived there in that way. I should never forget how she has been treated by those good people.


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