Salmon and sliced onion/potato wrapped with chinese cabbage in cream sauce

The title tells everything. The sauce was a bit too much.

Broccoli are still growing in this cold snap, or I should say, they are still surviving in the temperature below minus 7 or 8 degrees early in the morning.

The daylight hours are getting longer day by day even though it is still getting colder. In a month or two, I should get ready for the farm with leaf mold etc. 

I am still getting on the air in morning/evening. I should say it is always disappointing me. As i always say, there used to be proficient CW operators in the US at midnight or very early in the morning there, who would do with me or the other JAs. They were old timers at that age, around their 60 or 70s. Some of them were retired R/O. I am afraid they won' be active on the radio any longer. I have experienced the time when CW was a shining mode of communication. I have tried to resist the trend of decline in conversational CW. So far unsuccessful. It might be my duty to see it through to the end, maybe.

I know there are some CW operators still active in the US. They are, however, getting older. If I am allowed to say it, their aging makes communication like two way of soliloquies. Of course, I am not an exception. It is becoming hard to have an experience of heartfelt communications from heart to heart. I still, however, look forward some interesting and moving chats with friends.

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