Stir fried sour pork and green tea

When I find a good recipe for dinner in the internet, I won't print it out but would write it down on a paper. Writing lets me understand the content of that overall. It helps me to cook it. The hand written recipes have been cumulated to 4 or 5 files for now. Late in the afternoon, I always open one of them and decide what to cook. It is not what I expected to do several years ago. That is still my life.

It was this stir fried sour and sweet pork with vegetables today. I have made it twice and knew it was not an easy menu. I don't know why but wanted to try it out again. The result? ....So so. But it would take me some time to try this one again for sure.

We often have had coffee with meals almost every day. It is indispensable for breakfast. However, I was getting a bit bored with the monotonous bitterness of coffee for the daytime beverage. I tried green tea. It has more variable bitterness. Not straight like coffee. I still like this one. On a common pottery cup of Mashiko ware. Mashiko is a town next to ours here. I won't blame coffee but still love this profound taste of green tea. It is refreshing.

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