The inflation target is failed

The president of BOJ, Kuroda, will have resigned next year without any success for the inflation target policy he has advocated since taking his position at BOJ 4 years ago. Except for in 2014 when the sales tax was increased, the consumer price index has continued being lowered since he became the president.

This means that the "grand experiment" of the quantum theory of money has been failed in Japan. It was well expected since the global economy would transfer items and money over the bordrs almost freely. The quantum theory of money is valid only in a closed circle without such movement of items/money.

What will result from this massive quantum and qualitative easing will be a bubbled economy. Actually, the asset such as stock or real estate is being increased in our country. The banks are tempted to loan for them at present as BOJ announced several days ago. The asset not reflecting the actual economy would collapse at certain time. It would be another raptured bubble, which would influence the world economy. Since the finance of our government is critical with enormous amount of debts, the government won't be able to support the bank. With the increased interest rate, the government itself won't go it through.

Mr. Kuroda won't mention when they would take off from this quantitative easing. As soon as he mentions about it, the malignant automatic movement of hyperinflation would start. He won't announce of that but could not tell about it.

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