38th anniversary

It was 38th anniversary 3 days ago. I have mistaken counting the number and have posted an article saying 38th on the same day last year. My wife has corrected that. It is 38th this year.

No deep emotion for this anniversary yet. I only wonder how we could get along together in good health for such a long time. I have come along to a different way than I expected in young days. But I should thank my wife to live together with me for this length of time. No complaint nor regret for the past.

At our wedding party. I was seduced to play cello there since it would be the only chance for us to force the attendees listen to us. It was "Apres Un Reve" by Faure. I haven't known of the poem Faure composed for. Later, when we knew what it sang, we laughed a lot. But, at this time in life, the content of the poem won't be so far from what I am feeling, honestly speaking.

Anyway, the past is past. We should make new steps ahead together.  



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    1. Thanks, Jim. I would wait for the next post on your AP trail adventure in your blog. It is one of the places in the US I would visit, even though I am not sure it comes true or not. Happy holiday season to you and yours all.