Late fall has been here

I accidentally found the leaves of the Katsura tree in our garden, which I had mentioned in the past post, turned yellow. Some of them were already fallen.

In close up.

The fallen leaves on the ground.

When we moved here from the dorm of the med school hospital in 1984, this tree was as small as 3 or 4 meters. It was a naturally grown tree here. It seems to be higher than 15 meters now. It tells us how far we have come from those days. This tree has seen my family growing and some members passing away. It will for sure outlive me. I wonder how it will bear testimony on us living with it.

I have harvested a few tomatoes this morning. They won't hue red but are pink possibly due to the cold atmosphere. In a few days, we might have frost in the morning here. Having cared for them with much enthusiasm, it is tough for me to pull the plants. But in a day or two, I should do that.


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