Neuroscientific understanding of CW reception

This article is interesting to me. It may paraphrase to CW reception mechanism.

It says the neuroscientific research revealed this way of communication is involved with the right hemisphere as well as with the language center in the left hemisphere. Such communicating method might be different as for the process in the brain from the usual verbal communication.

I feel CW reception is unique neuroscience wise. It might be related with the unique function of working memory. This function is known to work in the second language acquisition. From its simplicity, CW reception study may give a clue to our congnitive function.

If I were a bit younger and were in the faculty of medicine, I would start studying it with the modern devices like functional MRI. At least, I will follow the papers published regarding this theme.

It is to understand why CW has attracted me for such a long time. Was it worth spending so much time and energy for CW throughout my life? I would confirm it and would deliver the knowledge to the next generation.

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