Regarding BREXIT

I am still wondering what has brought about the decision of BREXIT by the people in GB. It may mean the British people has only opposed to the present politics there. They seem to be concerned about the bureaucracy of EU government as well as the migration rule in EU. Even if admitting these factors in their voting behavior toward Leave, I wonder if they are enough to destroy the history of EU starting in 1952 with the reflection against the total war?

I have met a few G hams recently. In spite of the marginal conditions, I have asked them why they were going to choose or, later, had chosen Leave. G4LFU had approved Leave before the result came out. He told me it was not rational for them to follow the migration rule by EU. His wife was working as a judge at a court doing with the immigration cases. The other two, G4TSH and GW0WGK, after the vote result was known, told me a kind of embarrassment for the result. They meant the people voted for Leave have not well considered of its influence on the economy etc.

There must be a variety factors which caused this decision by the people in GB. It seems, however, the main thing was the disparity in the society brought by the neoliberalism in the politics. Of course, it could bring about much conflict and chaos in the society when they accept so many immigrants. This might have triggered the movement toward Leave. But the disparity in the society has based such intolerance toward the immigrants.

Neoliberalism has left the uncertainty in the world economy. There is enormous amount of money instantly going over the world pursuing more profits. It is not bad at all seeking anything which gives them profit. But the amount of funds is too large to be controlled. The system of financial capitalism is also accelerating the mess. At the news of BREXIT, it seems to become chaotic again. It is not the problem of the financial system itself, not like Lehman Brothers' shock. It seems the problem won't progress to the derangement of credit system in it at present. But who knows?

I guess, so far as I know, the British people voting for Leave were just opposing to the present way of politics by the government as well as EU but has not expected such a mess in the world. They seem to have been victimized by two things, the disparity in the society and the neoliberalism based politics/economy.  

If my guess is right, it may mean neoliberalism would bring forth not only the unstable economy/disparity but also the conflicts in the society/the world.


  1. Dear Shin, this is a funny post. Can I guess that your world view is leaning towards Marxism? We can not solve the problems of 2016 with the answers of last century. The British people habe decided and their decision deserves respect. I will be looking forward to meet our British neighbors again as free and equal men, once the rest of the EU has failed. I wish we had the same courage.
    Socialism and any idea of socialist super states (national or international) has failed over and over every single time and has brought a lot of pain. If you think otherwise, I invite you to come to visit Europe where the Government regulates which vacuum cleaner you may buy, what price you pay for the milk, what books you may read, what TV stations you may watch, whom you have to leave your money when you die and how bent a banana may be. Trust me, there is no disparity at this side of the world. I am robbed (seriously) of 70% of my income to subsidize the less fortunate and the politically privileged, so hearing about neoliberalism sounds like a joke to me. No neoliberalism here, Shin, only socialism.
    I salute the British for their choice of freedom over slavery, even at the cost of economic disadvantage. Apart from that, German stocks have lost more value than British stocks in the Brexit, did you know?
    Europe once was a great project, woven of Beethoven and Mozart and Chopin and Purcell. Now, in most people, Europe only induces the urge to vomit. And that is not because of the other countries or people, it is because of lousy leadership, lack of democracy and vision and obsolete ideas.

    1. Thanks for the comment. I am against the neoliberal market fundamentalism. I believe it is causing the disparity and inequality in the world. The migration issue is caused by the rich/poor countries issue. Actually, who has opened the Pandra's box in the Middle East? The conflict in the Middle East is undoubtedly causing the migration of people to the Western world. I believe that conflict has been brought about by the global capitals seeking the profit in the oil industries in the Middle East.

      Read this paper;https://www.equalitytrust.org.uk/brexit-and-inequality-its-not-about-globalisation The preexisting inequality as the author says has been established in UK in '80s, when Thatcher has done her "reformation" toward neoliberalism. It has resulted, in a sense, in the BREXIT in this referendum.

      Any objective data supporting your view regarding BREXIT?

    2. Shin-san, I can see that you are not a friend of neoliberalism (trust me, no neoliberals here). As a scientist, you might be interested to read the works of Friedrich August von Hayek, the Nobel prize winner. Try this one as a starter: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Road_to_Serfdom

      You ask what has sparked the migration from the middle east? I believe I can tell you as I help a support organization here that helps refugees from Syria. The family that we work with has 9 children. They were told via Facebook that if you come here, the government will sponsor a house for you and your family for free (which is true) and you receive so much welfare payments, that you can live off of that without work. This drove the family, which lives in an area without war activity to sell their own house and car and come here. The father of the family would have to make as income roughly 125.000 EUR per year to receive the same money that he receives today (as welfare). Unfortunately he has never learned anything which could get him a job. In the place where I was born, Shin, you can walk through the city and will not meet a single German any more. Recently, a young boy who tried to stop a fight with the arabs was beaten to death there. http://www1.wdr.de/nachrichten/rheinland/jugendlicher-gestorben-100.html
      Btw. did Japan take in a Million Arab refugees too or are you more talking from a theory standpoint? Please do not misunderstand me, we all must work together to support people that are in real need of help and you will find me doing that. I grew up in a world though where angry Arab men poured alcohol over the heads of my people, laughing and threatening to set them on fire: https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Entf├╝hrung_des_Flugzeugs_„Landshut“ Some years later, angry Arab young men set my office on fire while I was working in the US https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/September_11_attacks (no joke)
      The another couple of years later, young arab men organized a rape on my fellow people here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_Year%27s_Eve_sexual_assaults_in_Germany
      I apologize for my scepticism, Shin, but I believe one should be very careful with a massive invasion of angry young Arab men.
      I can agree with you that western destabilization of northern Africa was and still is a very bad idea (I doubt the motive is liberalism - really? Obama is a libertarian?) but just plain incompetence.
      I hope I have provided enough material for you to read up on why one would want to leave the European Union. Trust me, if European leadership was better (especially our very weak Frau Merkel), Britain would have never left. I deeply love and respect Britain (especially Margaret Thatcher) and I hope she can forgive us Germans.

      With kind regards,

    3. Robert,

      Any comment on the paper I quoted in my reply to you?


  2. I have also talked to my friends in Europe and they all agreed the EU in it's early forms (post-WWII) was a good thing. It brought some stability to the continent and facilitated the trading of goods, which in turn helped commerce grow. They all believed (Brit, Swede, German) EU has extended its reach too far and was too political and was in need of reform. They also all agreed, the uncertainty after the vote was very damaging to business for some time until the fear of the unknown goes away. These points all make perfect sense to me.

    Bob W0GXA
    ps. thanks for the chat...sorry the band dropped.

    1. The world is becoming so small and handy since we have just chatted on 20m minutes ago hi.

      I know what you mean about the bureaucracy and the system against real democracy in EU. But as you said, the end of this community in Europe is not wrong. They have spent much energy to be united since 1952. I don't believe EU would be exploding in the midair now. It should be reformed but not be abandoned.

      In my view, the force to part the peoples seems to be in the socioeconomical changes brought by the neoliberalism. They are not, unfortunately, conscious of that.

      I wondered how you had liked your new Pearl paddle of Begali. I have been considering to replace this Mercury to Sculpture of Begali. At the same time, I won't add any more to this Mercury, Schurr and Chevron to my collection unless new Begali is far superior to these.

      See you again soon.


  3. Hi Shin

    Polls have shown that most of the Brexit voters were poorly educated working class people, with no university degrees, and from the older age group. The under-30 year olds voted 69% to stay in, and of those, more than 50 % had a university degree.

    Brexit is a triumph of populism over rational and intelligent thought.
    Let the Brits take the consequences as their little Empire recedes into obscurity.

  4. Hi John,

    The rise of Gini coefficient in UK during neoliberalism "reformation" lead by Thatcher in the paper quoted in my reply to the other comment means that it has brought about those have-nots in the society? They are the part of the people you mentioned as the voters toward BREXIT, aren't they?

    This movement of BREXIT seems to synchronize that of nationalism/isolationism in the other countries. There seems to me that the current capitalism is confronting a wall that they could not make any further sustainable growth under the present system.

    It is only my view. Don't call me a Marxist! Neoliberalism was born as a reflection to Keynsian idea. Neoliberalism has involved in violence in the world politics. Thorough historical review might lead us to necessity of such an idea as that replacing neoliberalism. No solution to this issue yet. We need a break through.

    I am looking forward shaking hands with you in Tokyo in a couple of weeks. It is getting more muggy day by day.


  5. Hello Shin
    You may call me a Marxist, I don't mind! See you soon.