From a hospital staff in Syria

It is a real hell. It is not a struggle against illnesses but a never ending tragedy due to the conflict going on there.

There is no instant solution to this problem.

It must be, however, banned to export the arms to the countries in conflict or to anyone who would trade the arms to them.

Trading arms is a really profitable business, so that the politicians and the merchants of death won't get out of it. I heard that once the people in France knew the bombing air plane used in Syria had been successful and had been ordered by several countries in Middle East, they shut their mouth against the war in Syria. I won't blame them in particular. But if we won't be free from such an idea, there won't be ceasing military conflicts anywhere.

As I posted in this blog previously, our government has changed the policy of exporting arms from ban to encouragement. It is a real shame and disgrace. We have been proud of not exporting arms anywhere. Our government has unlearned that policy of pacifism.

Read the article linked above. What do you think of that?

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