A news from Puerto Rico

Fifteen meters was wide open to NA this morning. As usual, however, only few signals have been heard from there. Repeating calling CQ for a few times, Luis, KP4DX, has called me. He told me he had called CQ JA without any success.

He was running only 75W into a vertical dipole. But, as the photo in his page of QRZ.com showed, he was located close to the Atlantic ocean, that might help him so much.

He told me he had returned there from Calif. last year after 30 years absence in Puerto Rico. I remembered having worked him signing as /W6 for some times in the past. Mostly on 40m. 

I asked him about the economy of Puerto Rico since I had heard it was in recession there. He told me it was still in bad condition and the government had been through a default with a big debt. For the past decade, the industries like electronics or pharmaceuticals have gone out of there. There was some tourism, which was not enough for the island. I wanted to ask what had brought that change in the economy. The band condition has not allowed me to do so.

Puerto Rico has chosen the way to become the 51st state of the US. It seems, however, it will take them some more time. In Japan, we have heard very little of what is going on in this island in the Caribbean Sea far away from here. It would be very wonderful for me to hear how the things go on there through this hobby. I will look for Luis again soon.

There are still very few enjoying such ordinary QSOs even though the condition has been coming up. I am afraid contesting and joining pile ups have taken over their interests in such old fashioned way of enjoyment. It's too sad.  

It is the 1st day of the spring according to our traditional calendar today. The spring condition has started and would last for a couple of months. Let's come on the bands and talk friends all over the world.

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