Spring has come in a countryside

After a long chilly winter, it seems we finally have spring come here. Japanese apricots are fully out now.

Opening the windows of the house parents used to live, I have ventilated it. I found simple papers which the caregivers had reported how mother was doing. Since both of us were working in full time, we asked them to care for her in morning/evening. I was full of thanks to them knowing how they had cared for mother with dementia. After bathing, she looked tired and took a nap. Having her old friend visiting there, she was talking to her with tears. And so forth. It was 6 years ago, a couple of months before he left for Sendai. She was in a nursing facility and has undergone the big earthquake a year later. Possibly, due to the stress from that disaster, she passed away there a month later. Whatr she repeatedly told us whenever we went to see her there was that she would like to go back here. We could not make it true even once.

I have plowed the ground at a corner of the garden and have planted potatoes today. Soon, many more kinds will follow it.

Some plants of daffodil are coming out of the soil. Of course, it is thanks to the bulbs underground. It still makes me amazed at how things go on in time. 

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