Collapsing asset bubble

The asset bubble is rupturing here. The stock market is dropping drastically. In relationship to our life, it may cause deteriorating finance of the pension funds since they have increased the investment to the stock last year. It also harm the system of financial system. Some local banks may go collapsed not too long from now. Of course, the majority of industries, small in size and employment, will suffer a lot. These won't leave us without being badly influenced.

Quantitative easing has profited the global companies while the debt due to that easing as well as collapsed bubble should be paid by the people through higher taxation. The global companies are under the planned socialism while the people should be treated with the principle of neoliberalism. This bubble/rupture consequence as well as the very low interest rate may mean that the current capitalism is historically facing to fundamental difficulty.

There is a huge economic disparity going on in the world. Only minority enjoys the huge income while the majority is under severe poverty. It is a borderless phenomenon. It is making the world unstable a lot. This seems to be due to the greedy capitalism seeking for further growth and profit in the market. The market used to be a concept of geological as well as physical extension. But in the late '90s, with the development of the internet technologies, it has been extended into the virtual world of finance. They have securitized everything with high leverage. The fund running in the virtual market is increased several times more than that necessary in the substantial market. This system is all for the greedy capitalism. What have we learned from the collapse by the Lehman Brothers shock?

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