A small concert in Tokyo

An off line concert was held in Tokyo, which, I wrote in the last post, brought us there yesterday. It is an small private concert at a studio hall, where some 30 people attend to play piano or chamber musics and to listen to the others' performance. The attendees have known through the internet each other. I used to join it for several times over 10 years ago. When I found my vision had improved so much that I could read the music score completely, I asked my piano trio members to join it held yesterday. They kindly agreed to got there.

It used to gather many more when I used to join years back. There could even be an instant orchestra organized and played a piano concert of Mozart. As told above, the size of the concert was reduced somehow. But I still loved the atmosphere of that concert where I could listen to the performers breathing with music close to the audience. There were several people who I had know since the previous events. Their outlook and performances looked the same except for some more grey hairs on their head. Each performance was favorable to me. Some energitic, the others elegant and beautiful. A couple of guys have played Scriabin's works. They sounded emotionally beautiful, which was a new finding in piano music to me. Most have played monophonic works whoever the composers might be. I still loved polyphonic works like Goldberg variation by Bach. More profound and leading us to the world of contemplation with lexicology in music.

Our performance? Considering of the practice only once before that performance, it was so so. I have enjoyed it much. After the concert, we have had cake and coffee at a restaurant nearby. We used to drink beer a lot in such a case before. But we could not do that any longer. An interesting talks with the other two there for a couple of hours. They were proud and fond of living on with music as profession but seemed to be anxious about their career in the future. Carrying the heavy cello and a souvenir for my wife, I took the train back home.  


  1. Good stuff. Loved the descriptions. So glad you're back reading with clear vision. Looking forward to better conditions on 40 meters so we can contact again. 73, Jim N3BB

    1. Thanks, Jim. See you on 40m soon. I hope you will fix the 3rd trouble soon.

  2. Hi Shin! Sounds like you enjoyed the trip to Tokyo. Was nice to talk to you 2 times in 1 day on cw ! I had a good day fishing today and then went to lunch with my wife Marie. I would love to hear you play music some day. 73 dear friend.

    Ray - K7FU

    Here is a picture of one of the fish I caught today.

    http://www.k7fu.com/New Year Fish.jpg

    1. A big fish! You seem to have enjoyed fishing. Marie must have cooked it for you. Someday you sing for us and I would play cello for you.