Tonight, when I finished talking to an old friend of mine, Fred, in Seattle, the band was almost gone away. In a second, however, another old call has given me a call. It was Ellen W1YL operating remotely W7RN in Nevada. In dropping condition, her signal from that big station was loud and clear. At first, she could have moved to the West Coast. No way. She has moved to an apartment since we talked last time. She used to tell me she should give up operating radio as she moved to an apartment from her old QTH.

She told me she was not used to operate with K3. Such a modern radio, which I could never operate with, either. She told me she had not dreamed she could operate from her apartment like this way after having been a ham for 70 years. Remote operation has pros and cons in ham radio. But it is surely an evangel to a ham such as Ellen.

She told me she had attended Ham Convention in Orland recently. I am sure she has been inspired to operate radio through this way over there. It was the meeting where Tom K3TW found much less hams capable operating CW and he made a post on that problem in the FOC reflector. I guess it is a sad reality that there have been much less hams coming into this mode now. But like this Ellen, proficient experienced CW operators, might be encouraged to go on operating CW at such a meeting. It won't matter how young or old the operator is. It is the only important matter that someone activates this mode on some band.

This short chat has reminded me of old '80s when she as well as her OM, Bob, W1CW, were active on 40m late at night here. It was a real fun for me to talk to either of them those days. Ellen sounded as active as those days tonight. Hopefully, she may operate much from this station of K5RC. Thanks to Tom for his generosity letting her operate radio at his gorgeous station.  


  1. I heard your QSO with Ellen, her famous call caught my attention.
    Just a quick comment on the K3, it is no more difficult to use than your FT-2000. Many are scared away because of all the things you can do with that marvelous toy. I bought mine to have the quiet, high dynamic range receiver but I do not use most of the features. I use it the same way I used my FT-1000D, with the exception of the spectrum scope which makes operating more enjoyable. I'm sure you would be comfortable with a K3 once the "newness" wore off.

    73, Bill W6QR

    1. I heard her working with Orville K5VWW this evening again. She seemed really happy to come back on the air.

      Yes, I know K3 is an excellent radio. So far, however, I am happy with my FT2K and am not willing to purchase one yet.

      It is wonderful that those who could not operate radio due to restricted location are operating radio with remote control like Ellen is doing.

  2. I am glad to hear that Ellen is back on the air also. We were neighbors when we all lived in South Florida near Homestead in the late 70s/early 80s. We would talk almost every afternoon on 2 meters on the way home from work.

    1. Terry,

      She has been quite active on 40m around 14Z almost every day. You may catch here there. I also used to talk to her and her OM in '80s. Time has passed. I hope you to meet her again soon.