Tsugaru-samisen performance. This genre of samisen used to be played by visually handicapped people, oppressed in the society, in Tsugaru area, the most northern area in Honshu Island. In snowy field, they have wandered in order to get a chance to perform samisen. It was for living.  

Couldn't you hear an elegy in this performance? When I first listened to it, I was struck feeling there was some sense buried in our consciousness carried on from our ancestors.

This piece is an original work composed by a modern samisen player.  Performance style is typical for Tsugaru-samisen.


  1. Shin,
    As you know, I am not a musician, but I hear echoes of Flamenco. The chord changes and improvisations seem to spring from a deep well of shared human consciousness. I have often been struck by the similarities in folk music across widely differibg societies. The piece you post here sounds "universal" and accessible to anyone. It's a wonderful sound.

    1. I haven't imagined of the association between this genre of music and Flamenco. It might be due to the use of plucked string instrument and the fact they are based on the folk music in the country. Maybe, these musics are composed from something essential to our lives. It could be the reason.

      Happy New Year to you and yours all. I heard you were transferred to the associate member. Is it right? See you soon.