A blessing in our life

Last night, I ran across with Larry W7CB. I have seen him a few times for the past several months after a long hiatus. He used to be a school principal long time ago and now 87 years old, if I remember it right. He excused on his fist for poor sending. But he did very well and, if it is not rude to him to mention about his reception ability, he has become very competent at it compared with the old days in 80s. He was always careful of what I had thought on any topic. No way two way monologues. It was a fun for me to spend sometime with him.

He told me he could not sleep so that he watched the band, that is 40 meters, for any DX. I hoped my CW would sound like a cradle song to him. I asked him how he would spend Christmas. His answer was moving me a lot. He would have a big family members getting together at his home. Fourteen grandkids and 8 great grandkids. Including their parents, there must be over 30 people coming to stay with Larry and his wife. His wife will prepare cookies and cakes for them. An old cat, Pete, will welcome them as well. They will bring sleep bags and sleep on the floor.

What a fun time they will have there! Imagining of the scenary there on upcoming Christmas, at first, I was smiling but, in a few seconds, tears came up on my eyes. Is it only a characteristic of elderly to be moved easily? I don't think so. It will be a great blessing to Larry and his wife to have such a big family and to have them attend the celebration at his home. Larry and his wife have loved them so much that they have delivered something important in life to them all. That may be why all the members are gathering now. They have  achieved one of the most important things in our life and have been rewarded in this way.

When I told him what I had felt hearing his plan for Christmas, he also seemed to be happy  and told me he would tell about it to his wife. He quit the radio then.

I wished them from the bottom of my heart all the best for this season.


  1. Larry is one of the best ragchewers I have had the pleasure to work, but I have not heard him lately due to the rising local noise here. It is good to know that there are still operators like him around. All the best.
    John 9V1VV

    1. I would say amen to you, John. It was a real impressive QSO for me. Ham radio is not bad yet. See you soon.