Our garden in early winter

In the garden, I found some cluster amaryllis are blooming. It may be due to the Indian Summer for the past few weeks. They are supposed to come out early in fall.

The petals are kind of shrunken due to the low temperature. It gets frosty in the morning here.

PS; After having uploaded this post, I asked my wife, a bit better gardener than me, about this flower. She answered me it was "Diamond lilly", which ought to come out in this season. It might be planted by my father. Apology and correction!

Winter has surely started here. Magnolia tree has had a half of its leaves fallen. It might get ready for beautiful flowers early in next spring.

Poor tomatoes are going to die soon. In 2 or 3 days, I will harvest these immature fruits and try to fry them.

I have cleaned the dead Cosmos and Mary gold in the garden. Seeds have been taken. They will revive in the garden next spring. A couple of apple trees have been planted. It seems we should care for them to be grown to be abundant with good apples. When could we crop them? As my parents left the plum tree for us, I wonder if anyone will enjoy the fruits from these trees in years.


  1. Let us know how you like the fried green tomatoes. I think I may have given you the recipe some time back. Egg wash, bread crumbs and oil. Salt if you wish. From XYL.

    1. Hi Terry,

      Yes, I would try that fried tomato. Remembering of your recipe, I have written this post. I have harvested a dozen or two of green tomatoes this morning. If it goes well, I will give some to one of my neighbor friends.

      Have a pleasant holiday season.