A letter from an old patient

I have received a postal mail from a guy. I could not recall him at once. KI in initial. Who was he?

He told I had taken care of him for bronchial asthma at my clinic from his elemntary school to college days for years until I told him he had grown up enough from that illness and had no necessity for follow up. It was a few years before I closed clinic when he left my clinic.

I clearly recalled of him, his mother and his younger sister. A bright boy. He was always cheerful at the outpatient clinic. He went to a college nearby. In his mid teen days, he seemed to go through the rebellious age but still got in touch with me. The college he went to was a school where the students are trained for professional speciality in engineering for 5 years from age 15 to 19 years. I had been to a school of the same system in Tokyo before going to the medical university in Tokyo. I felt even closer to him since he entered that shcool. I might have double imaged myself on him. In the first 2 years, he was immersed in rock and roll music, so that he was precarious at his study and was on the edge of drop out from the school.

His mail told he had been given some advice by me, which helped him a lot. I can't recall what i have told him then. I was crazy for ham radio at the school as well and was almost dropping out as well. From that experience, I might have advised him something, maybe. For the last 2 or 3 years in the school, he has been in the top 10 among all the students as for the study. He has succeeded in the entrance exasm to JR Tokai. It is the rail way company of the bullet train from Tokyo to Osaka. He has been assigned to various projects in the company where he has been treated as an engineer comparable to the colleagues of 4 year university graduates and even of the postgraduates there.

He thanked to me for caring for him and giving him the advice, as I told, which I totally forgot of! Anyway, his letter has brought tears in my eyes. He has ended the letter proposing me to have meal together some time. Oh, yes, it will be my pleasure. With such a letter from him, I felt rewarded in my life. My heart was full of gratitude to it.  

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