Three dogmata

Three dogmata of mine these days;

1)Those putting enough spaces between words are proficient operators. On the contrary, I will finish QSO as soon as possible if the guy who makes less spaces. We read the sentences on CW based on each word. So the spaces between words are crucial in undersanding what they say on CW. Good operators try to send CW which is readable to them. If they could  do that, it proves their proficiency on CW.

2)Those who could enjoy dialogue are intelligent and deserve to talk to. Monologue speaker always has some defect in intelligence. I will quit QSO with such monologue speakers. Unfortunately, aging brings this character to us. All we could do is to be aware of it and to try to listen more to the others. I still like listening to elderly speaking on their unique experiences.

3)There is a clear distinction between the pleasure contests give us and that conversation does. They are exclusive each other nowadays individual wise as well as the whole population wise. It may be because of the aging in ham population and the internet media prevailing everywhere. So the ragchew lovers are becoming the minority of the minorities.

Me? It is impossible for me to judge subjectively on that question.

These are still my own dogmata. Not more than that.

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