The terrorism won't be ceased by military power

News tells us the UN has determined to apply more sanctions to IS. It seems they will do military attack on them. Those terrorists should be punished, I understand.

But if they won't make efforts to pursue and solve the causes why such a radicalism has been given rise to there, it sounds quite inconsistent to me. Where is the funds coming to them from?
How do they purchase the weapons? I know the situation is complicated in the Middle East. But we should remember the diplomacy of the developed countries immediately after the WWi and WWII are responsible for an arbitrary boundaries among the peoples as the borders which have caused the conflicts ever since. It should also be not forgotten that the military intervention to Afghanistan and then to Iraq and Syria by the developed countries has left the Muslim extremists.

From this standpoint, the attack by unmanned aircrafts should be stopped. It eventually causes victims in the civilians. For those civilians in the Middle East, it is comparable to the terrorism by Muslim extremists.

Terrorism would penetrate through the borders. They will threaten our lives and try to mess them. It is their aim to separate people each other with anger and fear. It is impossible to eradicate terrorists with the ordinary weapons which they rely on for the nation to nation war. Imagine the situation when those terrorists get the portable nuclear bomb fot self suicide attack. They may utilize the chemical weapons as well. It will be a nightmare. The chain of hatred and fears should be cut at present.


  1. Shin...I can see that you are a kindred soul. Unfortunately, the political classes don't work to the benefit of you and me. Best, Don...K2KQ...ex W2UFT...(1947)

    1. Thanks, Don. But I believe we should not give up. Now we could get in touch through the internet and ham radio, needless to say. The ruling parties or organizations may advertise their wrong propaganda through mass media. We still have tools to counterattack them. We should need to know the truth and spread it to the others.

      BTW, the condition was terrible on 40m this morning. I could not hear any East Coast except for you. It was a thrill to hear you through the band as if veiled by a curtain. Thanks for your call. See you and the best Season's Greetings to you.

  2. Shin
    It's all about money and greed. ISIS follows the fundamentalist Islamic creed of Wahabism, which is the state religion of Saudi Arabia. Although it is doubtful that the Saudi government sponsors ISIS (in fact they are opposed to its existence officially), it is certain that wealthy Saudi businessmen are funneling money into ISIS through middle eastern banks.
    Insufficient pressure has been put on these donors, partly because of business interests in the west. UK and USA especially do not want to jeopardise billion-dollar arms contracts with the Saudis.
    There is little to chose between ISIS and the Saudis. Both use cruel methods of capital punishment. Both are intolerant to any form of religious belief which differs from Wahabism.
    But Saudis are "our friends".

    1. John,

      Thanks for the info. Such funneling the fund into IS should be strictly banned. I have ever heard that Israel was sponsoring IS. Isn't that right? Anyway, it should be strictly banned to send any fund or weapons to the conflict area in the Middle East. And aerial bombing causeing hatred toward the wesern countries and giving rise to the refugees should be ceases. The terrorism won't be eradicated with such military action.

      Segregation of Muslim and denial of diverse cultures and religions in the Western countries my accelerate the terrorism. It might be difficult but it is the time for us to show tolerance to the other cultures as well as religions. The situation in the Western countries seems to head to the opposite way.


  3. Shin, yes indeed both sides are becoming less tolerant of the other, and drone attacks kill civilians and increase a sense of alienation from the west among young Muslims, stoking the fires of hatred.
    But this is also good for business, with the drone manufacturers making millions and new orders being raised for conventional aircraft and missiles.
    Many wealthy families in the west would suffer if the struggle against ISIS ended.
    I won't say any more.

    By the way most days I can hear nothing at all on the radio. It seems propagation has died for me. I did hear you calling CQ on 40 yesterday morning. You were the only signal on the band, but very weak here.