In the end of the year.

I have already sent a greeting mail to some friends of mine. Here I would like to extend my greetings to all of you visiting here with hearty thanks for your friendship and concern toward me. I would like to write about a few thoughts and opinions on the things around me here for the greetings.

First of all, it was a year of full retirement for me this year. I am still ambivalent about my decision. It is a question if I should go out the step into retirement at this age. Have I worked much enough to be worth of the training I have had in my young days? No one might be able to answer to such a question. It is still the time for me to go forward. Remembering all the lovely patients I have cared for, I would step out forward.

                              My former office I have had taken over
                             by another doctor 2 years ago. All my
                             efforts and loves are packed there.

                              This is the desk of the outpatient ward
                              I have worked for the past 2 years.
                              Nice staff and good payment.
                              Unfortunately, there  was little human
                              relationship with the patients, which
                              urged me to quit there this summer. 
I am becoming more a perfect house husband now. Enjoying gardening, farming a small farm, doing house chores and cooking. I know what a pleasure it is to to see family enjoying the dishes I cooked. Struggling with the mannerism of recipes, I am trying to add new recipes to my repertoire. Farming is another deep world. I have so many things to learn from my experience. The right time to plant and how much nutrient I should give them and so forth. Maybe, I will do better with tomatoes, which i have made a bit mistake in growing them this year.


Ham radio has still been my love and first concern. Unfortunately, it looks deteriorating to me. No real human communication but only game like exchange of meaningless symbols. The absolute activities on HF bands are declining as whole. They may try to compensate it with such as contesting or special event activities. These may enhance the activities on the radio but only for a short while. It may result in even more inactive states on the rebound.

On CW, there are two kinds of communications. One is doing with meaningless symbols. The other is a tool for real human communication. The former seems to prevail compared with the latter. In my observation, the former won't give us real pleasure in CW communication, which we could feel in the latter. Taking the meanings of the messages in the communication is the origin of the pleasure. I would summarize what goes on in this process very soon. It was what I wrote in my New Year's resolution last year. Ideas might be more ripened as time goes by.

I would go on enjoying good quality of communication from now on. But I won't spend time with calling CQ purposelessly for a long time. It won't deserve spending time in that way. Look for me and go on telling your story to me.

I found it more difficult to read score now. I should take the surgery for cataracts sooner. And I didn't want to bother my ensemble partners now. I have put an end or a pause to our piano trio. The other two are busy young professionals, so that I wanted them to spend time for the other activities. I would go on practising cello despite the pause of that ensemble. I am still trying to record some pieces with a video camera with PCM recording function.  Since my wife has been an enthusiast for flute for over a year, I might have a tiny trio together with her and our daughter, a violinist, soon. We should be patient to each other since there could be quarrel in the family very easily. It would be, however, a big fun for me.

Joe AJ2Y at my messy shack.

I am much concerned about the future of this country. The present government is trying to transform our country from a pacifism to a warlike country. The Prtime Minister won't hide his intention for that purpose at all. Our country has started exporting armaments to overseas freely. It would ruin the past history of our country after WWII as a pacifist one. I would protest against this movement especially for the next generation.

The econofinancial policy by the present government seems to turn out to be a total failure. The average wages is not going on declining while the inflation has started. The QE is only a monetization of the debt, which would result in bad inflation in the very near future. Our government is trying to distribute cash to the local governments, which may have only a brief lifting effect. These policies must aggravate the resultant inflation. Through the collapse of the economy in the near future, out country may revivie. It is the question who would govern it and what end of the country we would choose in the future. the bureaucracy should be fundamentally reformed and the policies should be based on and for the people. There could be so much difficulties and pains for the people to realize it. I am fearful of the process. But we have gone over the point of no return now.

May your holidays be blessed with many good things as well as good health. See you on line or on the air. Thanks again for your warm and courteous attitude toward me.

Shin Onisawa


  1. During my working career and now retired my wife said ,"everyday will go by regardless or careless about your moods. you can choose being happy or frustrated, so choose happy will be better for your health and everybody around you"
    she was right .less stress means less aches and pain.

    wayne va7at

    1. Wayne,

      Thanks for the words of wisdom. Your wife is quite right. I should spend retirement with hope for the future. I know that. Neverthelss, I could not forget my work with the lovely patients. It might be my character or the nature of pediatricians. My memory might be fading slowly as time goes on. It seems I need sometime to step out thoroughly to the new phase of my life, even though I am ready for that. In the coming new year, I would pursue any chance for social activities here.

      Have a happy and healthy New Year there.