The winter has arrived here.

In northern Japan, they have already had much snow. It is getting chilly here, even though we have luckily no snow yet. It is the real winter here for now.

It is the time when I should pray for my friends. Junko, the XYL of K7UQH, was supposed to have had a surgery today. Tom W6NLK, whom I have met on 15m this morning, will have a surgery tomorrow. Though I am not a Christian, I could not help praying for them least pain and quick recovery.

It is the time I should consider my greeting mail for the holiday season and the New Year. I should reflect what has happened to me and what I should do in the coming year. I am definitely thankful for the peaceful life I could spend.

The gingko trees in my entrance are getting colorful. Some leaves have already fallen on the ground.

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