Joining an ensemble in Tokyo with my wife.

I have been to an ensemble meeting in tokyo with my wife today. It was for instrument beginners to play easy pieces. I got out of my house 30 minutes before the train bound for Tokyo departing at a local station. Unfotunately, I have missed that train. I was forced to realize how far it was from my home to the station nearby.

Anyway, I arrived at the ensemble place in a downtown of Tokyo an hour late after it had started. The place was a gorgeous music practise room underground at a public facility. I have known some of the members. It was not to musically accomplish much but to enjoy ensemble together. Three violins, one viola, three cellos and two flutes, including my wife, who has come there almost 2 hours later. A Christmas medley and the famous tune from the 4th movement of Beethoven's 9th symphony arranged for a string quartet. Sometimes discordant in tune as well as in rhythm. But it was a fun to make an ensemble with those comapany. My wife has never been to such an ensemble in the past. As soon as I asked her if she would join this ensemble, she has started preparing for that, which made me surprised. Because she is rather reserved and shy to attend such a meeting. She seemed to be even friendly with the gang.

I noticed my eyes' cataract has progressed much. It was difficult for me to read the score in the not very bright room. I should undergo the surgery very soon.

I have not gone out with my wife so often. I have enjoyed talking something and some attendees at the ensemble on the way back home. I knew how enthusiastic she was for flute and music now. We sometimes wonder if it is too late for us to practise instruments. However, I would believe it would never be too late. It is just for own satisfaction. Sometime, we could enjoy such an ensemble together. Ensemble is singing together. Singing is made of breathing. Breathing is our life itself. Our relationship is not so ardent and passhionate as in our young days. Through this same hobby, which is closely related with our life, we may have fun together for a while. It might be an Indian summer for us.

When we took off the train at the station nearby, it was really chilly. It might be around the freezing point. We felt, however, warmed inside. I would go out for such an ensemble with her as often as possible.     


  1. There is something about your writing style that draws me, and probably other followers, into your thought process in such a way that we leave with a better understanding of our own. You begin your journey to the ensemble with a missed train. With a smile on my face, I recollect your story of waiting at the wrong hotel. I am waiting for more of your humor, However, out of nowhere, you end this story with a resurrection of a relationship with Chiaki and, regardless that it is different than in your youth, a recognition of just how valuable that relationship has been and will continue to be. As I write my comments, thinking of the mass of humanity around me, so few care of my existence, except for the one who has chosen to spend her life with me.

    1. It was not a humor. I missed the train at 0956. There was another one departing at 1002, which I should exchange one more time on the way. I waited for the other, which was supposed to leave at 1012. I was reading a newspaper on the same platform. No train came in the platform at that time. At the other platform, i found a train was leaving the station at that time. It was it. I finally took the train at 1032. That is the story! let's stay younger a bit for a while.

      Yes, you are right. Those who have had spouse throughout their lives are blessed. Schiller has written that in the poem Beethoven used in the 4th movement in his 9th symphony. Let's be good partners!

      See you soon.