Talking like leaving our will to the younger people.

A philosopher, Tatsuru Uchida, told that, getting older than certain age, we are divided into two categories, those who just brag their past and the other who leave their wills to the younger generation.

Of course, I would like to be the latter, even though I know how difficult it is. At old age, we are apt to recall old things. It is a natural wisdom for aged to live their lives which they could not expect much in their future. We should allow ourselves to do so from time to time. Or life could be discouraging us too much. But, hopefully, it won't become just bragging ourselves. Filtering old  things in exaggerated way. It is not beautiful and making young people disgusted at us.

Talking like leaving our wills to young people. It is preferable way of living for me after my age.


  1. It is our experiences that permit us to help the younger generation. We must, however, interpret the experiences in light of the new times. Like you, I want to help the younger generations move forward and not live in my past.

    "Retirement is when you stop living at work and start working at living"

    1. That proverb means something essential on retirement.

  2. Sadly, I am not sure that human nature allows for any significant passage of knowledge and experience from older to younger generations. During that period of youth that a younger person could truly benefit from the experiences of those before them, the youth in them convinces them that they have little to learn from those that are older. A bit of ego, I guess, that contaminates the younger mind to believe they have the right answer to all questions. The truth in this is the continuation of those components of the human existence that we all know are bad, but they still continue to exist. I am not talking about war or crime, although those are ramifications of the issues. I am describing such things as greed and quest for power. Failings of the human spirit that inevitably result in pain and suffering for those affected and loss for the perpetrators. If we were truly able to learn and benefit from our ancestors, such things would have ceased well before our time.

  3. Firstly, I am considering of the trait of aged that is often bragging themselves. It is an attitude to look back and to regard own history as he wants. It won't be productive and just makes the others feel disgusted at it. On the other hand, the will we leave to the young people is any experience of rhought coming from our lives and is looking forward the future for the young people. Unfortunately, we are apt to behave in the former way. We should always quetion if what we say or do is worth being called a will.

    Secondly, yes, it is a question if our experience and thought could be delivered to the young people or not. At least, out thoughts could be handed to them as knowledges. It is another issue how that wisdom, if we could call it this way, could work as ethos or ethics, that is, the real motivation or power to make us live. In my own experience, the truth in life which the older people have given to me is still alive in my mind. Young people are always sensitive to sort out bragging from truth. I don't know if it have worked out for myself in my life. Those words or attitude they have given to me are still present, at least, in my mind.

    Without such a belief, I won't have gone on operating CW so actively as now. Operating CW is a fun for me. On the other hand, it is a will to the younger hams to let them know how we could enjoy CW, that is, what I believe is the best way of enjoying this mode.