The government aiming to have our country to be that of merchant of death.

In this April, out government has decided to permit the armaments industry to export some of their products, which had been strictly banned since the end of WWII.

Now the government is subsidizing them. It seems our government has given up the respectable position as a pacifist country in the international society. It has turned our country to that of merchant of death.

Together with the use of the collective defence right abroad, this decision should have our country confronted the risk of terrorism. It seems the government would trad the economical benefit of the armament industry with the peace of the people as well as the position of the country of pacifism.

Of course, the politicians in the government will get kick backs from the companies involved in this export.  What a shame and disgrace! When will the people learn about such a diathesis of the present government? I wonder if they won't realize it until they have any damage or victims.

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