The time of hibernation.

It is close to the winer solstice even on the air. The path to DX is open mainly that to south from here. Not very good for the paths over the arctic areas.

Early in the evening yesterday, I could hear the QRS net in VK on 40m. I have made a short QSO with the boss Garry VK4YA. The others were hardly copiable here. It seemed they had made very simple QSOs with Garry. The others might run QRP. Compliment to Garry handling such a net for the beginners in VK.

Later at night, there was a big round table of bug users, WB6BEE, K5KV, W0VTT and NN6T going on. All FOC gang as well. They were not loud enough for me to break in. I just listened and then beamed to Eu. Worked a few Eu in rubber stamp, I went off the air. Only northern and eastern Eu were coming in. Not so loud as well. Kjell SM5CCE, with KW and 2el, was only 559.

I seldom heard any USA on 15m this morning. By 9 AM here, the band has returned to total quiet. I could hardly believe there had been a number of statessides, like canned sardines, coming in on this band until noon a few weeks ago.

This condition may last for a while until it gets like spring on the air. In the end of Jan. or the beginning of feb. 20m might start opening to Eu at midnight. It would be the earliest sign of spring's arrival.

it is the time of hibernation.


  1. You should join in when you hear us in the mornings. It is always pleasant to have a new voice in the mix. We may have our antennas selected for local versus aiming to JA. We all stay as long as we want and leave when we need. Good company over coffee for us (maybe lager for you).

    1. Thanks for the kind invitation. A round table sounds great. But it is often too long to get own turn. Maybe, I will remain listening to you guys.