White collar exemption

Our government is introducing white collar exmeption law now. They say it is to realize creative work with employee's free will. It would enact, they say, it is valid only when an employee would apply for it. And the work of the employee should be limited to creative independent kinds of work. They say it would enable the emploees to be paid according to what they accomplish in their work.

I suspect it won't work as they say. Even at present, the workers are inclined to do overwork without appropriate payment. There are a lot of connived cases against the Labor Standards Law. This system will give a free hand for the employers to do with worker administration. The threshold would be lowered as much as the employers want to. This rule is originally intended to increase the labor productivity as much as possible. It will be for more profits to the emplyers.

How do they judge the productivity in medical services? It must be based on how much a division or a worker earns from the work. No other judgement standard, I am afraid. I am sure it will deteriorate the quality of medical services in addition to casting further overwork on the medical staff.

Isn't it the time for us now to be free from such a belief in high productivity in any field of work?

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