"Tell me your story" type QSOs are contagious

Twenty meters have wide opened to the Western Europe this morning.

I had a great chat with Hartmut DK2SC, ex 9X5HG. He started calling me with his old Rwanda call. He told me he had thought it would help me to recall of him. Without that call, I would have remembered him very well. I have written about him in the previous article in this blog. We used to talk a lot in '90s. He kindly invited me there near Hamburg. He added that Brahms is waiting for me over there. He knows what charms me.

After that long QSO with him, a chinese ham, BG2WSS, who must had listened to us, gave me a call. Surprisingly, he has made an ordinary QSO with me. I haven't expected that. I must say it is quite unusual with a chinese. most of the chinese hams do it in contest style. He even asked about my age. I don't know if he understood how much I have been touched by the QSO with him. But I surely felt there was another ham in China who would enjoy this style of QSO.

I am sure "Tell me your story" type QSOs are still alive around the world. This morning, these QSOs have convinced me of the fruitful future of ham radio. This style is contagious to us. Let's keep up this style. What an enjyoyable hobby it would be if there were more of this style QSOs everywhere on the bands!

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