What would we leave on the earth?

Hydrangea and lilly are coming out now. The former is in front of our parent's house, while the latter in the garden. There are a lot of flowers planted around the house by my father. He might not expect them to be appreciated by the family left. Or, as with the case of fruit trees like persimmon or chesternut, he might imagine of us enjoying them. Whichever guess might be right, there are still flowers coming out and pleasing us every year. I feel our lives are continuous in this way. We should keep that idea in our minds even though we scarcely need to express that. What would we leave on the earth, if I could make some exaggeration, that is the question given to us? 



  1. The flowers and trees are a continuation of your father's life. You will always have thoughts of him when you look at your garden and the flowers around his house. I wonder, though, about a long lived gift for the future. Something living is something that can be gone in an instant. I think it has often been suggested that you could re-create this blog into something on paper. A document of your thoughts, along with the responding thoughts of your friends. Such a production would have a live beyond that of any living thing. A document of the times of Shin Onisawa. His thoughts, his feelings, what he cared about.

    I think this is a valuable thought. I am going to contemplate it for myself as a way of giving back to my future, that of my past.

    1. Don,

      Thanks for your considerate comment. Yes, everything will be gone soon. Everything is changing and eventually vanishing. I won't easily conclude something like that the more changeable it is, the more important it is. I see both chageability as well as eternity in our lives at the same time. A strange feeling.

      As for book making for the blog, I have been thinking of that, especially for the japanese version, which I have kept since 2006. Reading the content, however, I feel I have repeated so many things again and again. The reader might suspect I got presenile dementia haha. It may be because the topics have been very important to me. But I still should edit them if I go on summarizing them into a book. It may be a good token for my life. Thanks for advice anyway.

      It is another thunder storm day here. The lightning is so nasty that it would visit here without any foreseeable thing. It is the day for cello and I should go for the eye doctor...Have a nice day.


  2. I think an edited version is very acceptable. It would be a shame to let your thoughts disappear off the electronic world. I think what is maybe more important is to put together the highlights of your blog. But, I do think you need to make sure to include the comments you received from your friends. This becomes a timeless exchange of thoughts and emotions that document one, two, three or more of us living our lives together. It is an amazing opportunity to memorialize both you and those that you have influenced. Never undervalue that influence, Shin