Hamburg steak and radish salad

Hamburg steak. Nothing special. Seasoned with soy sauce and sake.
Fresh salad. Featuring radish harvested from the yard farm. The 1st harvest. Tomatoes may follow soon.


  1. Rusted Iron Chef....The hamburger looks to be very well cooked. An idea for a full time farmer such as you would be to wrap the hamburger in leaves of cabbage that you have grown in your enterprise farm. Stuff cabbage rolls. The hamburger can have many additional flavors added to it, such as onion, garlic pieces, mushrooms, etc. all grown from your farm. Lovely dinner with Chiaki, over glass of nice zinfandel wine or even "light" beer.

    1. Don,

      It is an idea but I imagine that cabbage roll with hamburg steak may taste too oily. As getting older, such oilt one is not welcomed as you know. I rarely make hamburg steak nowadays. Your imagination is still productive !

      Radish is now grown up. It is good as an addition to fresh salad as shown in the photo.

      It has become a pleasant routine for me to go out and see how the veggies are growing.


      PS: When coming in the house with fresh radish in hand, I uttered "Mom, dinner is ready" as I used to tell to my mother. Of course, no one was there.

    2. That is not true. She is there. She answers only to you.