The time for full retirement

I have finally decided to fully retire this month. I told that to the president of the hospital, my part time place, 2 days ago.
I have been thinking of that for months. Working as a doctor is still attractive to me. I knew it had been my Beruf so far as I was conscious of. Feeling that I am required by someone is a good thing in life.  There is nothing better than being a pediatrician in that respect. Sick children are always getting better very soon from their nature. A pediatrician could help them a bit to recover and could see them to be vivid and active again. Weepy children would smile at me in an hour or two or at the next visit to me.
In the training, though it is questionable if I have done all my best in it, I have spent a lot of energy and time. Once I was on charge of a seriously sick child, I could hardly sleep for a day or two. I had to work for 2 or even 3 days consecutively when I was on the night duty. It was not easy task for me. But, as the other pediatricians did, I believed that the experience would make capability as well as self confidence in my profession. I was sad to quit that career. I felt as if all my efforts had gone away at the full retirement. I should rather thank all the children whom I have been on charge. They have made me as I am.
It is the time, however, for me to step out for another part of my life now. I would take of the cloth of being a pediatrician. I would be what I am without any title or any secondary attributes to myself. It may enable me to go out to the other world of life. Work is not the only thing in my life. I should knock the door and step out to the further possibility of life. I won't forget all the problems in the medical services I have met in my career. I would study what has caused them and how to resolve them by myself. There might be a chance to work as a volunteer somewhere.
Anyway, farewell to the uniform and the stethoscope!
The magnolia tree with fully blown leaves. 
Maybe, I still miss doing with lovely children, though.


  1. Shin - enjoy the next phase of your career and have a long, healthy, happy, retirement! 161, Bud

    1. Bud,

      Thanks for the kind comment. I wish to shake hands with you somewhere in the future.


  2. Shin, I am not retired yet, may never be. But, I have left my "life time" career and now do what I would call "work, for the sake of work". When the day comes that I finally hang up the towel, I will look back at what I did with my life for the fifty years that I pursued my career. The sad part is that I only served myself. I ran companies, made decisions, motivated only by the goal of making money (both for myself and my employers) and, candidly, contributed very little to anything that was worthwhile. Few, if any, will ever remember me. On the other hand, you have touched the lives of our future. You have given health and happiness. You have made a lasting impression that will not fade. Those young people will always have a spot in their heart for you. That, my friend, is an accomplishment that few can claim. Knowing you is a great honor.

    I smile on the inside with my happiness for you. I cannot think of someone more deserving.


    1. Don,

      Thanks you for the warm words. I don't know if my career deserves your words. Anyway, it was my pleasure to help those young lives. You have lived and are living a life for the others as well even if it is not in the same way as I do.


  3. Life is but a journey. You have done well, and will do well in your next phase, and it will allow more time for thinking, music study and practice, and gardening. Oh, and a little Morse code from time to time. I look for you in the mornings om 40 meters, but so far no luck. In fact, there is very little luck now finding anyone! Jim.

    1. Jim,

      You are right. We are on a journey. Just a transition from a phase to another. I will go ahead looking forward to what I could see and experience in the future.

      Forty meters has been too empty. I won't stay there too long at night in our time. I will watch the band for a bit more time for you. It is often great at our sunset. Very quiet. it is your midnight there. If you should wake up around 08Z, just switch on the radio and watch for me on 40m.


    2. Shin,

      It seems you are starting a new career now, that of a full-time Zen gardener. You certainly seem to keep busy, and no doubt you will continue to inspire struggling CW nuts like me.
      On another subject I am still undecided whether to buy Gardiner’s book on Bach. All the reviews say that one must be a musician to fully understand his analysis of the Mass in B Minor and St Matthew Passion. The book has just been released in the cheaper paperback format so maybe I will click the Amazon buy button.
      Still off-topic I have the now legendary DVD of Claudio Abbado’s wonderful live performance of Mahler 9th with the Lucerne Festival Orchestra. It is spell-binding. You can see it on YouTube but the audio quality is not so good.

      My tongue is firmly in cheek when I say that there was no music after 1750.
      See you on the air when I get back. Enjoy your “retirement”.

      John 9V1VV

    3. John,

      I have just cleaned the cut lawn in the garden. Cleaning as well as cutting is pretty laborius to me. I wondered how long I could do this. Who knows our property would be like a jungle soon. So far as I could do it, I am ready to do as my father used to.

      I haven't progressed with that Gardiner's book so much. But I could recommend you to get it. Saying he would write it as a performer, the content is still based on his experience with Bach throughout his life. Not just a musicological work but an investigation based on Gardiner's life. As told before, his expression and idea sound pretty sophisticated to me. If you would start with it, I might ask you questions I have had with it hi.

      I have recorded that Mahler 9th in DVD from a TV program. I should watch it again. The last movement is breath holding beauty. The treatment of motives sound like the moment of death, being blessed with aestheticism. This performance, i thought, had reflected Abbado's personality. He must have been a faithful and loyal person.

      Brahms...he won't do with such subject as death or relief from death. But he whispers to me at my ear that he would tell this only to me. What an intimate music! But you may live without his works!!

      Have a nice rest with music from time to time there.