The rainy season

It is the rainy season. It will last until the end of July. No gardening nor farming at present. Spending the free time with ham radio, reading and practising cello.
There are less activity on the radio except for contesting and pile ups. I won't complain of that any longer but there are still very few ordinary QSOs. 
Reading objectives are about the collective self defence and a book about Bach written by Gardiner. Our government is trying to lead us toward a country which could make war against our constitution. It is against constitutionalism. 
Cello...a lovely instrument. The more I practise it, the more it requires me time and energy. It is a battle against the time. In a couple of days, I will go and join a piano trio and, on the day after, an ensemble of Bach pieces. 
The entrance. I have managed cutting lawn while the rain stopped.


  1. I just pre-ordered Music in the Castle of Heaven in paperback from Amazon. It will not be published until next month. hopefully I can start reading it in August.It may be difficult to discuss with CW !

    1. John,

      It's good that you have ordered that book. I should ask you about what I could not understand in it. Maybe, I could do that on the air. Page xxx line xxx, what does Gariner mean with this expression etc. Don't send me a bill as tutoring fee.