Sharing the same hobbies

I have been working hard in the garden all the day lately. After taking lunch, I took a rest listening to this piece. Piano quartet A major by Brahms. This is a music for spring. Fresh and vivid. Even though I scarcely have any scenic idea for any music by Brahms, this one reminds me of droplets on lively growing leaves in this season. Shining reflecting sunray. While g minor piano quartet quartet composed immediately before this one is a well structured music like a symphony, this one is freely composed full of affectionate melodies. The relationship between these two adjacent piano quartets, the same genre of chamber music, may be comparable to that between the symphony Nr1 and Nr2. I have not investigated as for the season Brahms made this music. But i am pretty sure he did in this time of a year.

In some time, I turned on the gear and listened on 20m. Rol K3RA was working Eu there. No other signals from the US. After listening to Rol for a while, I gave him a call to say hi. I told him, an amateur pianist, that I had listened to this music. He answered he had read a book of Bach. I asked him if it had been the book by Gardiner, Bach Music in the Castle of Heaven. He seemed to be surprised to hear of the title of the book he had actually read.

I told him I had been reading it. It was the book Dave K6XG had recommended me to read and Bob W6CYX had been given for a Christmas present by his wife last year. It was a gift to Rol from his niece, another amateur pianist. What a coincidence!

Its style and content have been a bit sophisticated to me. It takes me much time to go on reading it. I still believe it has been worth making effort to read it. Rol told me it seemed an academic book. He meant it was not very easy even for him to read it through. I was a little bit reliecved to hear that because his words assured me it had not been only my poor vocabulary in English that made me feel a bit difficult to understand it.

It is always good to have friends with the same hobbies. The more we share interests in the same hobbies, the more enjoyable it is to talk to them. It might only mean that this book had been read by many people. Nonetheless, it is always a joy for me to see such friend as rol who share the same hobbies. Promising to talk about what Gardiner said in the book in the next QSO, we have closed the QSO.


  1. Shin, I have to make comment that your vocabulary in English is significantly more extensive and better used than most naturally English language speakers that I know. Our language has been allowed to evolve to slang, poor grammar and foul words. Probably a ramification of home schooling and a general lack of education. I am not describing education as a function of facts and figures, I am describing an education from the University of Hard Knocks. What we all learned through interactions with others, some brutes, some bullys, some weaklings and some were girls. The point is that what you described with Rol is a fine example of two people finding one or more common denominators, through the use of human interaction (i.e. a common language), that brings them closer together, even to friendship.

    1. Thanks for the kind comment on my English. I still know much to be brushed up with it. I would try to go on learning it to deserve your words.

      I understand what you mean about the difference between academism and wisdom through experiences. We might live with the latter in most situations. The former works only in limited occasions. Learning foreign language is a bit different from the former, thouogh. It requires me to study the whole culture and people in the foreign countries. At my age, it is a struggle against the declining memory in my age as well. Quite a hard work but it is still interesting. I would go on studying it so far as my brain lets me do that.

      Such QSOs as that with Rol and, of course, with you are inspiring me much. It is a treasure house for me to learn live English.

      The bands are ruined by our domestic contest again. I will do something else other than radio. Tomorrow, I will have the practice of the piano trio. I have been so eager at pulling weeds in the day time that I should grind at cello for a while before going to bed. Have a nice week end there.