Bach Suite Nr2 played by Maurice Gendron

Recently, I have been listening to this pretty old recording of Bach's suite by Maurice Gendron. He was popular in 1960s or 70s when I was a student starting learning cello. Unfortunately, his performance has not been on the radio etc so often any longer.

The modern cellists are inclined to play them with too much exaggerations or too excessive dynamics. Of course, there are some exceptions like Yo Yo Ma. The modern cellists are playing these pieces as if they were required to add something new to those by the old orthodox. I am afraid it always end in failure.

The suites by Bach should be played without any exxagerations. It should sound as if it were a gift from heaven. Not artificial but as apriori. This performance is very orthodox. Not much variation in tempo and dynamic. As if he believes in the power the suite were originally born with.

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