Ume has come out for the first time this year

Ume flowers are coming out as if they knew it would get warmer from tomorrow. I was a bit touched to have found it early this evening. While it has been cruelly cold this winter, we have looked forward this flower coming out for the earliest sign of spring in our garden. The others will follow Ume. And there will be a lot of work in the garden ready for me. 


  1. Shin,

    I did not know about this tree, so I read about it on the internet, and also found some photos of the flowers. It is often called 'Japanese plum' or 'Japanese apricot', and I think it is a beautiful tree. I also read that it is a traditional sign of the arrival of spring. In the UK we have snowdrops and crocus plants, as well as cherry trees. All of these can bud at the start of Spring, sometimes when snow is still on the ground.

    Thank you for sharing something interesting from 9 500 Km away!


    1. Tony,

      I knew the word of Japanese apricot or plum naming this species. But it is exactly not apricot or plum. There was a term of Ume in the dictionery. That's why I used this term.

      Ume comes out before the other flowers like magnolia, narcissus or cherry flower here. It sure ushers in the spring. That is why we, Japanese, are delighted to see it bloom. It must be comparable to snowdrops and crocus there.