Stuck in snow

We have had a record amount of snowfall since last night. Since my wife wanted to go for work this morning, I was trying to have my car get out of the parking place. But it was stuck in the yard. The snow seems not so much but is very heavy with rain. There seems a layer of ice beneath snow. The normal tires slipped badly so that the car won't go back or forward either at this place. I will keep the car parked there until it gets wet enough to enable the car move.  

It has been over 30 years since we moved here, my birth place, from a dorm of a med school hospital. We have never had this amount of snow here for this period. The local train or the other transportation seems to have been stopped. My wife has given it up to go for work.

This made me imagin what a big trouble they have had in the heavily snowy area in winter and how much they yearn for the arrival of spring there. Another news says there have been floods and hurricane in the UK and Ireland. I hope the damage won't be too serious over there as well.


  1. In such conditions, it is far safer for her to stay at home. A very wise decision made for you by the slippery conditions. Hopefully, this is the last of the snow storms for you.

    1. Thank you, Don. Being a doctor is sometimes rewarded with the patients' gratitude but oftener unlucky. Because we are trained to do our best even in our own trouble.

      Stay warm. See you after the mess on the bands is gone.

    2. You are certainly right about mess on bands. Had schedule with Jack for visit after long time and we had to go to 30 meters. 40 meters was impossible.

      See you soon,