"Expectation Grammar"

In the post laready uploaded in this blog as follows, I have written my idea how to receive CW in our mind. It is a speculation from own experience. A feed back from the immediately recent past to the present and an expectation for the future from the present occur continuously in the present consciousness at the same time. With that continuous work in our consciousness, we take what the message means.


Recently, a book regarding second language aquisition, a new field in applied linguistics, told me that the combination of input and output is necessary, with an emphasis on the former, in learning second language. We should input second languate in reading or listening as much as possible. In the input process, they say, a process named expectation grammar will work out well. This expectation process, which I am not sure for this term in English, means what I described in the post above. It has relieved me a bit since what I had imagined was not out of the point.

When we get proficient enough at the codes, we won't be conscious of them any longer. The codes are just a system of symbols which bridge between the language, that is, English in most cases, and the relevant meaning. It is a process occuring in subconsciousness. If this hypothesis is right, copying CW is really equivalent to or even the same as reading text. What is going on in our consciousness is a reading process. Copying CW is literally reading with ears. This is not only an aphorism but is based on a process going on in our brain  proved by fMRI study, which I have already quoted somewhere else in this blog.

My concern would be regarding the following two points;
1)What a process is this expectation grammar? How is it efficiently improved?
2)Where does the pleasure of operating CW come from? Is there any difference from chatting in the internet or corresponding with mail?


  1. I find the musical quality of CW very enjoyable for conversations. There is also the pleasure of having someone listening in real time over the air. The internet is better for detailed technical explanations or discussions.
    Bill, W6QR

    1. Bill,

      I do share the same feeling for CW. What I am intending to is to search what is going on in our mind/brain. Of course, I could only study articles on these subject, not making any experiments etc. But is is still interesting for me to learn about it. Fortunately, we could access to the research papers in the internet.

      I have enjoyed your photos. Very nice work, Bill.


    2. Thank you Shin, Photography has been my right brain activity for about 35 years now. I read an article that said engineers and other right brain oriented people would be more creative if they also exercised the left brain. Photography appeals to me as a mix of art and technology.


    3. I really screwed that reply up :-) Should have said: engineers and other left brain oriented people would be more creative if the exercised the right brain.

      I think I'm preoccupied with concern for Vivian who has been doing a heavy metal detox. Her mercury level was too high...too much tuna we think. Today she has a urine test to see if the level has returned to an acceptable level.