Re the election of the governor of Tokyo

In the election for the governor of Tokyo held last week end, Masuzoe, a candidate approved by the LDP and Komei Party, the ruling parties at present, has won. He would do well with the ruling parties at the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly as well as the government in our country.

One of the issues in the election was if we should give up the nuclear power generation or not. It was brought up the candidates from the opposing parties. The government insisted that it should not have been a matter in such a regional election. I believed questioning the electrical energy source policy should be important for the people in Tokyo since they have been consuming massive electrical power there while they have been troubled much less due to the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant accident than those in Fukushima. It is a practical as well as ethical issue for the people.

Since Masuzoe won in the election, the government started announcing they would proceed use of nuclear power generation as the basic energy. They seem to regard the result of the election as an approval for their energy policy. But they never insisted that in the election at all. They rather hid or ignored this issue in the electioneering. It is a deception.

It seems the people in Tokyo has approved Masuzoe for his close relationship with the present government. The people must be concerned about the economy. Their 1st request for the new governor according to the public opinion poll was to improve the economy while  the energy issue came as the 2nd place. The people seem to have been cheated at the apparent rise in stock market etc. The government is pressing businesses to increast the salary to the emploees. It threatens, if they won't obey them, to publish the names of such companies. What a planned economy! Is it what a government whose motto is deregulation should do?

I still remember, even during the period of brisk business in '00s, the mean salary has been dropping while the retained earnings in companies has reached a record high. The people are still gradually becoming aware of the least beneficial effect by the present government on them at present. It won't take too long before the people know what is going on right now.

At present, the government should establish a new policy for sustainable natural energy, which would bring us a success to get out of the difficulty in economy as well as the energy issuea. It would stimulate the economy with new technology and creation of more employment. It would get rid of the possibility of catastrophe of further nuclear plant accidents in the future.

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