The Marathon 2014

It was held last week end. Preparing meals for daughter and talking to her in the meantime, who have come home in a month absence, I have operated in this eventfor hours. Twenty meters was faschinating late at night. Signals from all over the world were coming through with a bit watery but still beautiful tone. There were openings on 15, 10 and even 80m as well while 40m was ruined by the OTH radar in Saturday evening. It was blessed with good conditions as a whole, though.

I have met a bunch of old friends whom I have never met for some time. I have not heard them even for a few years. Ken GW3KGV, now 85 years old, told me he had been caring for his wife, 83 years old, suffering from Parkinsonism.  For my inquiry if he won't ask anybody for help, he answered that he could ask for help to the authority but his wife would like him to care for her. He sounded, however, very cheerful despite of being in such a situation. I wondered if I could take a load of care for family by myself like he does in his way. It would be my turn in the near future.

Geo, W0UA, has given me a call on 20m very late at night. It seemed pretty tough for him to read me in that condition. He finally found the path was over Eu, as he said. He has been keeping a cat named Mr. Kitty, which he had found at K5GO, a big contesting station, and had taken him home a couple of years ago. He has been deeply in love with that cat since then. So far as he mentions on his lovely critter at home, I think, he might be happily getting along there. I wondered if he is still shouting for that cat as Mr. Kitty in the public.He has mistaken him as a female cat in the beginning, so that he should add Mr. to his firstly given name Kitty.

John 9V1VV has just returned home from Saudi. He sounded vivid on his old bug. I asked him when he would move to another work ashore from the present on aboard duty since he has mentioned of that possibility recently. He answered that he might go on working on the ship for a while due to the better income from that work. He seemed to stay home for another 7 weeks before leaving for another duty on aboard. We might enjoy talking about music during his stay home.

There were many more interesting conversations in this event. It is always good to see some old friends on the key, whom I haven't heard for some time. It is a chance to prove that we are safe and alive. Thay is shy I haven't missed this event every year even though I am lazy summarizing the log sheet. It is not a competetion but a real on the air meeting for me.


  1. Shin - it was a real surprise and great pleasure when you called me on 20mtrs. Thank you. I wish you well, 73 de Roger/G3SXW.

  2. Roger,

    It has been years since our last QSO. I am happy the Marathon has made it possible. See you again for bit longer one soon. Take care.


  3. It is obvious that the Marathon brings out everyone and gives people a chance to say hello, sometimes after a very long time. That is a good thing, I believe.

  4. Shin it was good chatting to you and Finn last night... the antenna is working OK...this morning I was on 40 and worked all through EU to G-Land and across the pond to east coast USA. Good reports. The other beam goes towards ZL....means you won't hear me so well on 40, but higher bands no problem...

    We will discuss music again I am sure... I do get a bit confused on CW sending long technical terms though !

    All the best

    John 9V1VV

    1. John,

      Congratulations to you on success with your new loop. I am pleased to know it has worked so well for the western Eu as well as the East Coast. You always sound loud on 40m whatever antenna you may use. I will catch you again soon. Enjoy the rest of your holidays ashore.