Prior to the arrival of spring

At 3 PM in our local, almost 2 hours before sunset, I could hear both Eu and NA at the same time. Eu were pretty weak as if they were veiled with a thin textile curtain. The band was still very quiet. This path over the north pole might be closed very soon. It ushers the arrival of spring in the northern hemisphere.

I was smiling at myself to have found I had felt changing seasons with the condition on the air. The band conditions are inclined to change prior to the arrival of certain season. It may have geophysical reasons. Among ham operators, it could be a theme for Haiku expressing certain season.

The contesters are very active on every band so far as I hear. I only hope some of them will stay active after the contest is over. In the recent FOC mailing list, Gary ZL2IFB told, regarding an obituary for Vic N4XR, he would enjoy not 599 TU type but meaningful QSOs after Vic. I am glad to know there was another "Tell me your story" person over there. The problem is not how to convert someone's religion but how to attract someone to our way of "Tell me your story" type QSO.

The lower bands will stay inactive for such activity until next fall. The higher bands may be even more hot now. I would go on enjoying radio with this motto "Tell me your story".


  1. Shin-sensei,

    I have been reading your blog for a few months now. I am writing to say how much I enjoy reading your thoughts and observations, and how you enjoy the art of 'tell me your story'. I have been liceinced for a number of years, but am now trying hard to learn CW. I have tried before, but the comments you have made about CW have made me determined to suceeed, even though I am much older than 20 now!

    I look forward to more of your wonderful blog, and especially to working you one day. I am learning at 20wpm, so I hope that speed is not too slow for you.

    Thank you,


    1. Tony,

      I am always pleased to have such a comment as yours. I don't think I have written anything from wisdom or philosophy. But just trifles of my life and idea. There must be something common in our sense or our way of thinking. That might make us closer, I believe. It is pleasing me a lot.

      Yes, please to get on CW. Most CW lovers would enjoy radio for long time. Even though there are a variety ways of enjoyments in CW operation, most people will be settled down in "tell me your story" type QSOs like I have been.
      This simple mode has something to unite people. I am sure you will enjoy it for long time. Yes, I will keep my ears open to you whenever bands are open to UK even though the path is always rather tough over the north pole. See you soon. Leave any message whenever you have any opinion or suggestion to me. I appreciate it.