Expecting daughter coming home...

This is a special dinner for our daughter coming home tonight. Chirashi Sushi. Cooked rice is mixed with vinegar and various materials. Then fresh raw fish, boiled garden pea and fried egg are put on it.
When adding vinegar to rice, we should blow it with a fan. This is a key point to have rice look shiny.  It was me who mixed them while my wife blew it.  The rice grains on the wall of the wooden bucket doesn't mean we have already eaten it but it was due to mixing.

This is boiled pumpkin seasoned with sake etc. This pumpkin was a hravest in the garden farm. The other pumpkins were not very successful this year. A bit watery and less sweet. But this one tastes great like chestnut.
All the dishes are ready. But the guest won't show up here.
When I called her on the phone, she answered to me with vivid voice from her apartment. Yes, it is next week end when she has planed to come home.
The issue is whether two of us could finish all the dishes. I should have made less sushi...


  1. A disappointment for you as I know how much you were looking forward to your daughter's visit. It will make next week all the more enjoyable. As they say here, "Absence makes the Heart Grow Fonder".

    1. We were worrying that she might had met a traffic accident. So her vivid voice on the phone has half relieved and half upset us. Anyway, we are glad she was OK. It is an agony to feed ourselves with this amount of sushi.

    2. I just happen to know someone in my family that could help you with the excess sushi problem

    3. Come on here. Sushi and Kirin are ready for her/him.

  2. Shin,
    Everything looks great. However, I cannot get comfortable with the idea of raw fish. How do you protect yourself from illness due to organisms in raw fish? I love fish but only if cooked properly.

    Dennis W0JX

    1. Yes, parasites could be a problem when we eat raw fish. I have learned Anisakis could contaminate such as tuna and it causes severe epigastralgia. Fortunately, I or my family members have never experienced such a trouble. I haven't heard from people around me either. I guess, in most cases, gastric juices could kill them before they invade the gastric wall.

      Considering the grave outcome of Creutzfeld Jacob disease with beef, raw or cooked, even though the possibility is much smaller, it may be worth trying raw fish haha.

      How about trying roasted tuna or the other cooked ones? There is a deep irresistable world of sushi waiting for you.

  3. Wendy and I do a dish with Ahi tuna. I put the Ahi on the very hot grill for about 1 minute or less on a side. Just enough to slightly warm the middle and put a light toasting on the outside. Wendy cooks some raw spinach leaves in the microwave, sort of wilted. She puts the spinach on the plate. On top of the spinach, a scoop of wasabe mashed potatoes. You can use horse radish as well. Then, hot off the grill, the small piece of Ahi tuna is set in the middle of the potatoes. Hmmmmmm...so good....a favorite of Wendy and me.


  4. Hi Shin... it's been awhile since we had a QSO. My fault as I mostly just listen on the bands these days. Always CW. Two comments:

    Fish: Here on the west coast of the USA we are lucky enough to get great Salmon (Copper RIver my favorite). Using redwood planks, the salmon is great cooked on an outdoor grill. I have not tried Sushi. I think there is something about the texture of raw fish that is my problem. Perhaps some day I will get the courage to giveit a try.

    CW: I have read your posts about the lack of CW operators on the bands. Unfortunately I think this lack of operation (and operators!) will get worse. Many of the great CW ops that I know are getting older -- like me -- and are not as active as they once were. In my situation, I continue to listen to the bands but it seems it takes a "new" country to get me excited enough to initiate a QSO.

    I enjoy your blog. You have many interests that should keep you a young many for many years!

    Bill, K6CU (ex-K7JYE)

    1. Bill,

      Salmon is great when it is moked or grilled. I and my wife enjoyed king salmon when we visited Seattle last summer. It might be a hurdle for you to eat fish raw. Maybe , You should start with medium cooked one!

      CW. I totally agree with you. I am inclined just to listen the bands from time to time now. Very little to do with the trend and the declining activities. When you like to recall good old days, just call me. You used to take over the great call from your father, didn't you?