The Fukushima nuclear plants are still far from control

A most recent news told that they had detected 3200 Bq/l radioactivity in the underground water from a well close to the 1st reactor at Fukushima nuclear plant. It has been reported the cooling water was contaminated by radioactive substances. I suspect it is not the case with the present situation. The major radioactive substance is Cs, which could be absorbed easily by soil. If the underground water is generally contaminated, the source of contamination must be close to the underground water path.

The nuclear fuel has been melted. Nothing is known yet to what extent it got through. Since the casings are known to have been broken, we could speculate that the fuel got through the concrete beneath the casing. If the underground water are contaminated by sources close to the water path as told above, the melt down fuel must be the most likely cause for that.

The power line planned to take the fuel out of the reactor after it is fully watered. Since the casings are all damaged, however, it won't be possible for them to do that. Another project to do that in dry environment is under consideration. It could be quite difficult due to extremely high radioactivity from the fuel. They should manage to take the used fuel out and place them under control. But no exit for that solution yet at all.

At the IOC meeting a few days ago, our prime minister has made an obvious lie in his address saying that the Fukushima nuclear plants were under control. The accident is still least dealt with now. Even if he wanted to invite the Olympic games to Tokyo by some means or other, he should not have told about it in that way. It hurts the people in Fukushima.   

The Fukushima nuclear plants are still far from control.


  1. Agree.
    Our PM said a lie.
    It was tooo bad.

    1. Yes, telling lies is a kind of job for politicians. But he should not have made such a thing, however eager he was to hold the Olympic games in Tokyo.

      This event would be a fun event and may activate our economy through constructions by civil engineering. But it lasts only for a couple of weeks. The agony of the evacuees will go on throughout their lives. Our prime minister should concentrate on relief of them and on reconstruction of their lives now.

    2. Yes, not only is there an impact on the lives of the Japanese people but possibly on the lives of people in other places as nuclear pollution spreads.

      Dennis W0JX

  2. Shin, Have you seen this article about the head of the Nuclear Watchdog for Japan stating that the situation at the plant is being exaggerated by the plant personnel.


    Sounds like the Nuclear Watchdog for Japan needs own Watchdog. Politics in your country is as bad as politics in mine.


    1. Don,

      Thanks for the info. I will read that site content later.

      The radioactivity in the adjacent sea is not very high yet. And the high concentration of radioactive substances like Cs is not occuring in the chain of foods, as some reports say.

      But the amount leaked into the ocean is not small at all. It won't be recovered by any methods later.

      The prime minister should be honest for these facts. Or he won't lead the decomission process and the recof\very of the Fukushima. He was not faithful to the other peoples in the world.


    2. As long as a "NUKE PLANT" is located well above "sea-level" facilities like "Fukashima" or "San Onofre" or "Diablo Canyon (both here in California) would be completely safe! But alas NONE OF THEM ARE!!!

      HOW DUMB ARE WE???