Arleen Auger in St Matthews Passion

Music is a mysterious experience. It is connected with the memories on the deepest phase. We could recall the atmosphere in the concert hall and, of course, the performers when we listen to the same music later however long it may have passed since the experience with it.
I have been to a concert of S. Matthews Passion in '80s. It was held at a chapel of a college in Tokyo. The ensemble and chorus were some japanese groups. The solo soprano was Arleen Auger, who sung the part with most impressive way. Serene and beautiful. I could remember very vividly how her voice sounded at the chapel at that time. Even though I have listened live performances of this music for many times since this concert, it was one of the best experience with this music.
I happened to have found this clip in Youtube. Sadly, she seemed to pass away at pretty young age in early '90s. I still feel thankful to her for such a valuable experience with this music.  


  1. I listened to all of it. It is hauntingly beautiful, almost mystical. My thought is that each artist would create a different and unique interpretation of this piece. Thank you for posting.

    Dennis W0JX

    1. Dennis,

      I am reading a review regarding the neuro-circuit generating emotion of pleasure and reward by listening music. It seems to be evolutionally pretty old. And it seems to be given as an apriori trait. Thus music could be related with something most profound in our lives or in our existence. Listening to this kind of music, I could not help but agree with such a scientific finding.

      Auger was singing beautifully at the concert in the same way as this recording. It is amazing I could recall it as if I were there now. Music is apparently an evanescent thing to us but could remain in our memory with the emotion throughout our lives. Interesting, isn't it?


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