The latest figures of trees and plants in the garden

It is getting much cooler especially at night here. It is breezy all the day. One of the best seasons in a year. I am getting things tidy in the garden. Weeds and lawn grow slower now. I should pull the former before they shed seeds. Planting fall vegetables is another project:I have already planted radish shown below, lettuce also sprouting, cabbage and spinach. I learned fresh radish harvested in the garden is so good this summer. The growning ones may be good material for saucepan cook late in fall and in winter.
I was stimulated by my wife starting taking flute lesson yesterday. I looked for a class for cello lesson and would attend there if it allows me. Completing cello sonata e minor by Btahms is another project. I wonder if time left for me will permit it or not.
Fall deepens here in this way.  
A plum tree with fresh leaves. In the summer, they were once eaten by bugs, which were got rid of with a chemical.  No other ways to do with that nasty bugs.
A Higan Bana, which stands for the flower in autumnal equinox. It is a bulb flower, which comes out punctually right at this time of equinox every year. Someone dislikes the artificial outlook of this flower. It surely tells, however, the season is coming around and it is the time of pleasant harvest now.
The radish sprouting in the farm. Lovely, isn't it?
A zelkova tree in grand outlook in front of my parents' home. It always flourish with so many leaves. My father used to complain it got too dark and damp in the house. But, without it, it was too hot in the daytime in the summer. The leaves will start falling in several weeks.


  1. Shin, Thank You for posting the nice pictures. Your parents house looks nice. Is it empty now! Maybe a nice place for a hamshack?

    1. Hi Bob,

      Yes, the house is totally empty even though the furnitures etc are still at the same place as if my parents were still there. I am ventilating the rooms from time to time. Just for memory. It is too old for a radio shack! It is really a shack haha. Thanks for your kind comment any way.