Visiting parents in law again

For the past 3 days, I and my wife have been to Shikoku to meet my wife's old parents again. It was a 7 hours long trip. We haven't been bored on the way as we have talked a lot of the old days. After 34 years, we still have something to talk about. While talking about them, we often recall something we haven't shared yet. Or could we repeat the same topics which we used to talk in the past?

The city where the parents are in a nursing facility looked all the same as we visited there this winter. They both looked fine despite of the mother being on a wheel chair. They seemed to have been cared for nicely by the personnel there. The father sometimes kid himself saying that they are in a human zoo. Since both of them will reach their 90s very soon, it might be a good place to spend their senior days.

My wife has brought a few CDs of old songs to the father. She explained about them to him.

My wife served yogurt to mother.
We have had a nice dinner at a restaurant on the 20th floor of the hotel, where we could have a great command of view over the ocean.
At the sunset from the restaurant.
The day after, that is, yesterday, we have brought the father for a regular check up to a med school hospital. It was fairly big one. He has had some kind of infection which has been treated per oral antibiotics. We were concerned about the exam since the lab data has not been normalized for a few weeks. But the exam has revealed only mild liver dysfunction due to the antibiotics. The doctor on charge kindly explained the exam result in that way. Of course, it has made us all relieved a lot.
I have rarely been to such a hospital as a patient or a patient's family. The doctor who took care of the father was a young one. Very kind and eager to let him understand of his condition. There were young staff walking vividly on the corridor etc there. They looked kind of dazzling to me. I felt it had been only a few years ago when I was working hard like them at a med school hospital. Now the time is over. I am on the side of patient. No wonder, we are getting nearer to the age that needs to be cared for like the parents in law. We should be ready for that soon.


  1. Shin, Thank You for the nice description of your visit to your parents in law. Thought provoking.

    1. Hi Bob,

      It was a nice trip. They were pleased to have us there. My wife has been there once a month or so. I would accompany her from time to time. Thanks for the comment. See you.


  2. Hello, Shin

    I agree with Bob (whom I do not know) that it was a nice description of a very nice event. I believe it is a gift to have the opportunity to express gratitude to those who brought you into life for bringing you into life. As you so nicely described with your father, it is too often that opportunity to express gratitude goes away before we have a chance. My parents are both gone as you know. Wendy's parents are also gone, both dying when they were only 53 years old. Wendy and I call ourselves orphans...

    1. Hi Don,

      Yes, we would express our thanks to them as far as we could do that. I know many people could hardly do that before their parents gone away. It is a little bit too late but I am pleased to do a bit for them at present. In addition, we still learn from them how they have lived and how they are accepting their senility. I feel I am told to be my turn very soon.


  3. Shin San,

    I find your writing interesting and the subject is also very close to my heart. Although my parents have been gone for some time, I do recall a great deal about their last few years. From your pictures and description, Chiaki's parents are in a very nice and professional place to care for them. Your reflection on the subject of the young doctor who is caring for her father,
    is very much appreciated. I would hope if the time ever comes that I must have this type of care, that it will be in a place like they are staying.

    Enjoy your return trip, and I hope you continue to enjoy your conversation even at home.

    Let us know, how the garden has done while you were away.

    Bob Gates

    1. Bob,

      Thanks for your considerate comment. I am happy to have a time to be together with them now. I am kind of regretful that we could do much more in the past. But it is of no use to think that way. We would do as much as we could. It is our pleasure. My wife will return there next month.

      Garden...many weeds growing. Crows eating some tomatoes. I should work hard there from tomorrow. See you soon.